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The Power of Women Summit
May 11, 2019, 8:00 AM – 4:00 PM
Hollywood Schoolhouse- Woodinville, WA

Nā Wahine o ka Mana (pronounced Na-Va- Hee-Nay Oh Kah-Mah-Na)

is Hawaiian for “The Power of Women."

Na Wahine O Ka Mana- The Power of Women Summit 2019 is intentionally designed to facilitate relationship-building among women: to encourage collaboration and innovation beyond the Summit, and foster a community of growth and healing where we ALL attempt to better understand, support, and enrich one another in our pursuit for justice and peace.


Pronounced: Va-hee-nay


Gerry Ebalaroza-Tunnell was born and raised in Honolulu, Hawaii. She believes as we engage in deep listening and sharing of our stories, we transfer knowledge to one another through our collective dialogue and create a new understanding of the world we live in. We breathe these words to each other: This is Alo Hā. The exchange of ideas, the resolution of conflict, the changing of perspectives and the evolution of our collective being.


As Founder of the Summit, a wife, mother, grandmother, businesswoman and doctoral student, Gerry's vision for this gathering of phenomenal women are geared toward challenging the status quo, shifting paradigms and re-storying our stories for the sake of transforming and healing our world.

Community Partnership

Hailing from a community and family rich in diversity of ideas and cultural backgrounds in Altadena, California, Nafasi understands the importance and struggles of being immersed in many worlds. With the background of childhood and as a Community Connector, Facilitator and Event Specialist of over 7 years, Nafasi has focused her life’s work on transforming and advancing equity, healing and social justice.

Nafasi is the founder and architect behind Narratives Unbound, a Consulting and Education Company with a vision to use storytelling to reshape our understanding of our world, one conversation at a time. Nafasi is deeply committed to transforming education through the arts and creating intergenerational spaces of dialogue highlighting the importance of history in our continuous struggle for racial equity.

Event Operations Director

La Shonda Lipscomb is a consummate supporter of sisterhood, especially for black womxn and other womxn of color.  She works tirelessly to help ensure that, not only herself but other folks and systems uphold the value of all womxn.  She presents and leads workshops that give Black, African and African-American, young and adult womxn the opportunity to heal, bond and define sisterhood for themselves.  She works hard to push social justice to the forefront of higher education and continually increases her own knowledge by attending conferences and workshops on matters of race, gender, sexuality, and class. 


La Shonda currently serves as Director of Basic & Transitional Studies at Seattle Central College, Director of Education for SEAF and as Board Member for the Pan Eros Foundation.  She will continue to advocate for, mentor and encourage all womxn of color to be better to themselves and each other on this journey towards love.  

Event Support

Naomi (they/them & she/her) is a 24-year-old Seattle transplant who grew up in the East San Francisco Bay Area, in the City of Martinez. They are the child of Robert Acord Jr. and Liz Farrell, and family to many by blood and another bond. Home life came with many challenges in that hillside suburb of the bay. Their experience of trauma has led them on a journey to discover themselves as an advocate, artist, and healer.


They have two bachelor's degrees in Psychology and Community Studies from the University of California, Santa Cruz. Following undergraduate education, they moved to the Pacific Northwest, where they are exploring their passions and establishing how they want to be in contribution to the community both locally and globally. One vision they are stepping into is as a storyteller and amplifier, as well as a content creator.


They are humbled and honored to contribute in this capacity to Nā Wahine O Ka Mana: The Power of Women Summit.

Director of Outreach &

Nicole Rios-Gunn is a proud Boricua (Puerto Rican) Latina with strong roots, who identifies as a wife, sister, daughter, friend, singer, storyteller, educator, and social justice advocate. Also a proud 1st generation college graduate, Nicole holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology and Sociology from Saint Martin’s University. Nicole’s passion for diversity, equity and education is reflected through her work as I-BEST Advising Manager for Edmonds Community College. Here, she advocates to increase educational access for adult learners, especially 1st generation, immigrant and undocumented scholars, students of color, and from all minoritized identities. Nicole strives to be the mentor/guide for her students, which was lacking throughout her own educational journey.


Additionally, Nicole serves on EdCC’s Real Talk Committee, which provides a forum for courageous conversations about race. In her spare time, Nicole enjoys facilitating Real Talks and attending workshops to deepen her knowledge around matters of race, cultural identity, and social justice. She also enjoys reading, traveling, singing, doodling, and volunteering as a coach/mentor with Momentum Education and Momentum for Teens. Nicole also has an extensive background in community outreach and non-profit fundraising, which she brings to the Na Wahine O Ka Mana team. She looks forward to connecting with all of you at this year’s conference.

Asst. Director of Procurement

Aloha 'Oukou,

O Emma Lilinoeokamahie Domingo Ka'aha'aina
ko'u inoa.  No O'ahu, Hawai'i mai au.  Noho au i Everett, Washington.

Hello everyone. I am Emma Ka'aha'aina and I am from 'Oahu, Hawai'i.  I currently live in Everett, WA.  I am a program manager in the Diversity and Equity Center at Everett Community College. I am so blessed to be an educated Native woman and I hope to help others achieve their dreams.


Youth Ambassador

My name is Sophie Theriault, I am from Duvall Washington, a rural town about an hour east from Seattle. I am serving on the Snoqualmie Valley Community Network Board, the youngest member of the King County Youth Advisory Board, and an alumnus of the Young Women Empowered Youth Leadership Council.


I graduated from high school in 2018, and am currently pursuing my bachelor's degree in Interdisciplinary Studies: Social Sciences. I also plan on minoring in Political Science and Non-profit Management.


I am passionate about change in my community and work for a Non-Profit in Seattle called West Side Baby, which provides goods and services for families with children between birth to twelve years old. I am passionate about making a change in my community and strive every day to take steps to do so.




14810 NE 145TH ST.​WOODINVILLE, WA 98072

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