What's the Story?

Our story begins with a few badass women who believe in the power of community education. We understand that there are many ways to build community and that education does not exist ONLY on school campuses and universities, but in stories, experiences, and developed in dialogue with members of the community. 

As most of us have witnessed, our nation is experiencing a shift. Women are standing more boldly, voices are being heard, and the flow of the rising power of women has been quite compelling.  We have time and again shown that the resilience and resistance of women can influence the course of this current like no other group in our society. #MeToo #HerStory 

Yet, the struggle of being a woman in a “man’s world” is far from over. Furthermore, being a woman of non-European descent, a queer woman, a lesbian, a transwoman, a woman with different abilities in the United States doubles and sometimes triples the struggle.

We are a group of women creating sustainable change by leading a community initiative in how dialogue and the sharing of our stories and resources can lead to peace, development of youth leadership, address violence against women, systemic racism, promote gender equality, prosperity and health to strengthen families and create thriving societies. 

The world is filled with stories, and each story holds valuable lessons that foster strength, healing, forgiveness, grace, and resilience.  JOIN US!!

What is the Summit About? 

In a world mainly dominated by male ideals, it is imperative to have a female support system. This Summit is an annual platform where women can come together and engage in transformative workshops and seminars led by influential leaders that will inspire, encourage, and support courageous acts to advance peace and human development in our homes, communities, schools, and workplaces.


Na Wahine O Ka Mana- The Power of Women Summit 2019 is intentionally designed to facilitate relationship-building and construct a platform to engage in sincere dialogue and sustainable change.  


We empower each other by exchanging knowledge through our stories, experiences, and resources. By establishing trust and a circle of sisterhood, we encourage each other to lead from the heart, work towards peace, develop youth leadership, address violence against women, systemic racism, promote gender equality, prosperity and health to strengthen our families and create thriving societies for ALL.

Come Inspired, Leave Empowered- Stand in SOLIDARITY!

Why Should I Attend? 

Can you imagine living in a community where everyone is intentionally working towards understanding, appreciating, and transcending our differences?



This is why you should attend The Power of Women Summit. Our vision is to create a platform where we are all safe and inspired to explore and be who we are as women. This platform will allow us to be able to come together as women empowered to advance peace and human development in our communities, schools, and workplaces.



We invite ALL women to engage in transformative dialogue about how to exist better together. Despite what makes each of us unique, it is ALL our responsibility to co-create a world sustainable for all.   



We encourage participants to join us with open hearts, courageous curiosity, and readiness to engage in conversations about how to genuinely care for one another.

Why is this Summit Important?

For years, women have broken through glass ceilings, leading in innovative ways across sectors and within their communities. Women are no longer relegated to traditional support roles without the agency to choose them; these days, countless women are taking the lead in tackling some of the world’s most critical issues, and women all over the globe are playing major roles in healing their communities and taking action for justice and peace.

Na Wahine O Ka Mana- The Power of Women Summit 2019 is intentionally designed to facilitate relationship-building among women: to encourage collaboration and innovation beyond the Summit, and foster a community of growth and healing where we ALL attempt to better understand, support, and enrich one another in our pursuit for justice and peace.

© 2017 By Nā Wahine o ka Mana